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Water Resource Management Department

It is said that 21st century is the era of water. It is a vital commodity in all countries especially in the arid and semi-arid regions like MENA region.

ZKJ has devoted special interest to water affairs and has developed different fields in the group with outstanding experience including plants in design of large dams, irrigation networks and power plants.

Main fields of activities in Water Resource Management division are as follows: 

Dam Construction

Feasibility studies, study of surface and ground water resources, planning and water economy, development of water resources, integration of surface and underground water resources, river engineering, facilities for water diversion, flood control and river course modification, engineering services for earth and concrete dams for storage and control of river discharge and also power generation, hydro power plant and related structures and so on. 

Irrigation and Drainage Networks

Feasibility studies, study of surface and ground water resources, planning and water economy, integration of water resources, surface and ground water supply, study and design of water supply networks, facilities of water diversion, diversion weirs, study and design of major and minor irrigation and drainagenetworks, artificial recharge, under pressure irrigation and related facilities.

Water and Sewage Facilities

Feasibility studies, study and design of water collection system, water intake facilities, facilities of water collection and transmission, water distribution networks, reservoirs, pumping station and water treatment plants, desalination (desalinization) and related structures, calculation of physical subsidence and leakage detection in urban water networks, collection and transmission of urban and industrial waste water and related treatment plants, collection and transmission of surface waters, design of maintenance systems, telemetry systems and remote controlling, Scada facilities and using  refined waste water.

Design and Optimization