ZKJ Consulting Engineers and Trading Group







     Fields of consulting activities    

  • Geotechnical Investigation: site exploration, drilling, field and laboratory tests in soil and rock layers, grouting, engineering analysis and recommendations
  • Geological Surveys, Geophysical and Geochemical Studies
  • On-site Quality Control Laboratories of Soil, Concrete and Asphalt Works
  • Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Mining Engineering and Exploration
  • Environmental Studies: Environmental Impact Assessment, risk assessment, air, soil and water pollution remediation, waste management practices, landfills …
  • Water Resources Management: design of dams, irrigation and drainage networks, water and wastewater treatment plants, hydrology, hydrogeology
  • Seismic Studies and Seismotectonics
  • Consulting and Engineering Services of Retrofitting of Structures against the Earthquake
Design and Optimization